RSS to Webpage

Do you want to display RSS Feeds from other websites into your website?

I have created this plugin to meet your needs. This help in getting your site automatically updated in line with the other website. This extension helps to read contents of RSS/news feeds and display them on your webpage. This plugin is very easy to install. You just need to insert the feed URLs of the relevant websites on the webpage where you want to display them after you install this plugin. This plugin support .xml and .rss feeds.

It is possible to customise the display features to sync with the look and feel of your website. The customisation features include:

can set the height and width of News/RSS display
can set border colour, background colour and border width to thumbnail
can enable /disable heading
can set heading font size and colour
can enable /disable title
can hyperlink/unlink the title
can set title font size and colour
can enable /disable description
can set description font size and colour
can enable /disable ‘read more’
can set read more font size and colour
can enable /disable creation date
can set creation date font size and colour
can enable/disable pagination


Download the zip file .
Login to wordpress admin area.
select plugin -> add new
select upload from top menu on the page.
click browse and select the zip file.
click ‘install now’
click activate the plugin
Upload images to the webpage/post where you want to display RSS Feed.
Go to the webpage where you want to display the RSS Feed/News Feed and enter -pearl_rss_feed_parser_display rss_url= full_rss_url- with double brackets [..]


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