Flash News

Steps to install plugin :

  1. Download the plugin [ plugin url : https://wordpress.org/plugins/flashnews-fading-effect-pearlbells/ ]
  2. Login into wordpress admin area.
  3. Select Plugin -> Add New from the left hand menu as shown below.
  4. Click ‘Upload Plugin’ button next to add ‘Add Plugins’ on the top end side as shown below.
  5. Please choose the file from system using ‘Choose File’ button and click ‘Install Now’.
  6. click activate the plugin.
  7. Please select the page/post where you want to display fade in/out news and enter :
    a) If you want to display the post based on the category.
    b) If you want display news from the default post or custom post type.
  8. If you want to display custom data and want to link to external website please select Flash news->News from the dashboard and enter data and external link separated by a (–) as shown in the below figure.
  9. If you want to display custom data please enter the short code-