Image Slider

Steps to install plugin :

1) Download the zip file .
2) Login to wordpress admin area.
3) select plugin -> add new
4) select upload from top menu on the page.
5) click browse and select the zip file.
6) click ‘install now’
7) click activate the plugin

Steps to add images to the gallery and display in your website :

8) click page -> add new
9) enter the ‘title’ (eg : photos/images)
10) From upload/insert -> select add an image
11) A popup widow will appear
12) Select from computer->select files
13) After upload the images click save all changes
14) This way you can upload the images you want in gallery
15) After you upload all images click x button in top right corner to close the pop up window
16) in the webpage enter {[}pearl_Image_Slider_display{]}