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Import tier prices magento

This tutorial I am explaining how to import tier prices magento. Tier pricing gives a quantity discount from the catalog list and product detail pages. The discount can be applied to a specific store view or customer group .

In this example I reading the tier prices from the discounts file which I exported from the opencart.

Import products magento script

This tutorial explains how to import products magento using script.Here products are importing from opencart to magento using the script.I have exported the following CSV files from the opencart backend.

This script import all the categories, attribute and the products to magento. Its also create the simple and configurable products and assign that to the new categories. Here I am also importing the related products as well.

Add main image, additional image magento products pro-grammatically

This tutorial I am explaining how to add main image, additional image magento products pro-grammatically. The following add product images to the magento products programmatically.

Here I am importing the data from the products.csv and get the product data from the CSV . Please click here to find how to read the data from the CSV or see the related links below.