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Send files as attachment PHP

This post explains how to send files as attachment PHP. It sends all the files in folder as an attachment using PHP. Then how to move the files to an archive folder and delete the emailed files from the source or placeholder folder.

The following code can set as cron job as well. The cron that send multiple files as attachment together and moved the attached files from the original folder to the archive folder .

Sort A1,A2…Z9,Z10,AA1,AA2…AZ9,AZ10 PHP

This tutorial I would like to explain how to read the data from the csv ,sort the alphabet in order A1,A2,A3…..Z8,Z9,Z10,AA1,AA2,AA3,……….AZ1,AZ2….AZ8,AZ9,AZ10 and return the sorted data back to the csv.