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Photo Slideshow Widget

How to add Photo Slideshow to the header/sidebar/ footer as the widget

  1. Please click the link below to find how to install the plugin. []
  2. For uploading the images please follow this link [ ]
  3. After successfully installing the plugin select Appearance->Widgets as show below.
    Widget WordPress
  4. Drag and drop the ‘Photo Slideshow’ widget to the available header/banner/sidebar or footer location as shown below.
    widget slideshow
  5. Paste the ’Image Ids’ from the figure below to the ‘Image Ids’ field of the widget.
    Image Gallery WordPress Plugins
  6. For displaying caption select ‘Yes’ in the Show Caption field.
  7. For displaying pagination select ‘Yes’ in the Show pagination field.
  8. For displaying navigation select ‘Yes’ in the Show navigation field.
  9. For automatically start the slideshow select ‘Yes’ in the Auto Start field.
  10. Click ‘save’ button.

Create Gallery

How to upload images

  1. Select the page /post you want to display the gallery as shown in the figure below.11
  2. Click Add Media button.
  3. From the pop up window select the ’Upload Files’ Tab and the upload the files from the system by clicking ‘Select Files’ button.1
  4. For creating custom gallery please click the ‘Create Gallery’ Tab on the left hand side and from the ‘Media Library’ select the images you want to add to the gallery as shown in the figure.2
  5. If you want to display the caption please enter the ‘Title’ with respect to each image on the right hand side as show in the above figure.
  6. Please click the ‘create a new gallery’ on the bottom right corner.
  7. Click ’Insert gallery’ button which will insert the gallery as shown below.4
  8. Replace keyword ‘gallery’ with ‘pearl_slideshow_display’ shortcode as shown in the figure below.5
  9. Save the changes by clicking ‘update’ button.

Install Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow Parameters


Backend Settings

  1. Navigation – can be set yes or no. Yes option displays the next/previous buttons
  2. Pagination – can be set yes or no. Yes option displays the pagination which helps to navigate between images.
  3. AutoStart – can be set yes or no. Yes option will start slideshow automatically with the page load.
  4. Speed – By default the delay between images is 2000. This option will allow increasing or decreasing the delay between the slideshow.
  5. Display Caption – can be set yes or no. Yes option allow to display caption with respect to each image
  6. No: of character (Caption) – this option allow to set number of characters in the caption.

Install Photo Slideshow

Steps to install plugin :

  1. Download the plugin – [Plugin Url : ]
  2. Login into to wordpress admin area.
  3. From the Dashboard please select Plugins->Add New as shown in the figure.


  4. Select ‘upload plugin’ button as show below.6
  5. Select the plugin (downloaded zip file from system) using the ‘choose File’ and click ‘Install Now’
  6. Activate the plugin by clicking ‘Activate Plugin’ button.
  7. After successfully installing the plugin. Select settings->Photo Slideshow and set the parameter and click submit for save the options.

Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshow is a responsive wordpress plugin which display photos/image galleries in the banner/page/post/sidebar/footer of your wordpress site. This plugin display images related to a post /page and you can also create your own custom galleries. Images are displayed as a fade in /out slideshow. There is also option to set various parameters from the backend.

Main Features:

  • Responsive
  • Display images related to post/page in your banner/pages/footer/sidebar
  • Display images from the gallery.

Parameters you can set from the backend

  • Show / hide Captions.
  • Show/hide pagination
  • Show/hide next and previous buttons
  • Can display images with different dimensions

Photo gallery created using this plugin are responsive with respect to the screen size. This plugin is very helpful for those who manage a portfolio site or any site displaying a series of images or photos.