CSV to Responsive Tables

CSV to Webpage plugin help to upload content from the CSV (Excel File) file to the pages/post or in widgets (sidebar or footer) in few steps. It is easy to use and simple to implement.

It is possible to upload CSV content to webpage in responsive table format. Data from multiple excel files can be loaded to the webpage using the plugin.

Live demo

Main steps are:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Upload the .csv file from the settings
  • Enter the shortcode where you want to display the file content
  • Can display tables anywhere on the website ( pages, post. sidebar ,footer etc) ( NEW )

Please click here to get detailed instructions.

Additional Features:

  • Can sort the table content based on column header (NEW)
  • Can display data from Multiple Excel files in one page
  • Can add table pagination (NEW)

The backend parameters allow adding style to the tables to match with the theme color codes.

Admin Parameters:

  1. Bg Color : Can set background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  2. Alt Bg Color : Can set alternate background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  3. Font Color : Can set font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  4. Alt Font Color : Can set alternate font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  5. Border Width : Set the table border width(in px)
  6. Border Color : Set table border color (in hexcode)
  7. Padding : Can add spacing between table data (in px)
  8. Font Size : Can set font size to the table data (in px)
  9. Mousehover color : Can set different color (in hexcode) to table rows on mouse hover
  10. Mousehover Font Color : Can set different font color (in hexcode) to the table data on mouse hover
  11. Width: Can set table width (for responsive tables please set width in %)
  12. Pagination Color – Can set pagination bg color
  13. Pagination Hover Color – Can set pagination background hover color

This plugin is very helpful for those who need to display dynamic data from their excel sheet to their website as a table. CSV to Webpage plugin will come very handy if you manage a sports website in which you need to update scores, points table, events table etc. regularly. Your updated excel file will go live on to your website with just few clicks of the mouse.

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54 comments on “CSV to Responsive Tables

    • pearl on

      Hi Leah ,

      Please added some fixed width and scroller or try to remove some td padding.

      Please send me the demo I will have look.



  1. John N on

    Tried to use your program, CSV to Webpage, but failed – see below:-

    In WordPress, clicked on “CSV to Webpage” – got a page entitled “CSV to Webpage Settings”

    I accepted what was on the screen and clicked on “Submit” – got response “Options Saved”

    In “Choose a file to upload”, I browsed and selected a small CSV – about 530kb (let’s call it FRED.csv)

    I clicked “Upload” and got response: “Stored in: upload/FRED.csv”

    Can’t find it – where’s “upload”? Where do I go from here?

    What am I doing wrong, please?

  2. Jim Graham on

    Didn’t work for me…. I got horizontal blocks of code for each listing
    (image attached). No images, no responsive product display, etc…just
    horizontal blocks of code that, for a single product, take up the entire
    width of the page (and then some).

    Are there some settings that I missed?


  3. Energie familie on

    hi there, thx for the plugin, but for soe reason not getting any feed to my Newspage.

    I have enclosed a few pics to see my settings.
    Please advice, what am I doing wrong.

    thx for the help,


  4. pearl on


    Thanks for using my plugin.

    From the mail I understood that you have uploaded the csv file successfully. Next you need to go to page where you want to display the CSV and enter the following shortcode.

    CSV to webpage shortcode

    If you need any other help please post a comment here.


  5. Brittney S on

    Hi there,

    I am attempting to upload a .csv file to our webpage, which I am able to do every month, but for some reason, it will not bring in the file when I refresh the page. Can you please help?

    Thank you,


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