CSV to Responsive Tables

CSV to Webpage plugin help to upload content from the CSV (Excel File) file to the pages/post or in widgets (sidebar or footer) in few steps. It is easy to use and simple to implement.

It is possible to upload CSV content to webpage in responsive table format. Data from multiple excel files can be loaded to the webpage using the plugin.

Live demo

Main steps are:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Upload the .csv file from the settings
  • Enter the shortcode where you want to display the file content
  • Can display tables anywhere on the website ( pages, post. sidebar ,footer etc) ( NEW )

Please click here to get detailed instructions.

Additional Features:

  • Can sort the table content based on column header (NEW)
  • Can display data from Multiple Excel files in one page
  • Can add table pagination (NEW)

The backend parameters allow adding style to the tables to match with the theme color codes.

Admin Parameters:

  1. Bg Color : Can set background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  2. Alt Bg Color : Can set alternate background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  3. Font Color : Can set font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  4. Alt Font Color : Can set alternate font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  5. Border Width : Set the table border width(in px)
  6. Border Color : Set table border color (in hexcode)
  7. Padding : Can add spacing between table data (in px)
  8. Font Size : Can set font size to the table data (in px)
  9. Mousehover color : Can set different color (in hexcode) to table rows on mouse hover
  10. Mousehover Font Color : Can set different font color (in hexcode) to the table data on mouse hover
  11. Width: Can set table width (for responsive tables please set width in %)
  12. Pagination Color – Can set pagination bg color
  13. Pagination Hover Color – Can set pagination background hover color

This plugin is very helpful for those who need to display dynamic data from their excel sheet to their website as a table. CSV to Webpage plugin will come very handy if you manage a sports website in which you need to update scores, points table, events table etc. regularly. Your updated excel file will go live on to your website with just few clicks of the mouse.

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54 comments on “CSV to Responsive Tables

  1. Paul Spight on

    Hi, I am trying to show the table in two different places with different rows (one full list and one shortened). Is there an addition i can add (similar to sort) eg row = ‘1,2,3’ I don’t want to have to upload two CSV if I can help it. thanks.

  2. Mohammad Abdallah on


    I need to upload the spreadsheet excel from google drive, so table is linked to itfor automatic update.
    Is this also feasible with this plugin?

  3. Brett Farnam on


    Thank you for the plugin, it is great! However there are a couple of issues :

    1: Plugin assumes that the first row in the list is the column header and this causes:
    A: Makes bold the first row in the normal “desktop” view
    B: On the “mobile” view on a phone, it creates two columns and makes the first row the first column. http://hudsonflagdayparade.org/parade-info/participants-and-lineup/parade-lineup/

    2; The plugin strips blank rows.

  4. KS on


    I’ve tried uploading a csv file to the WordPress CSV to Webpage plugin for the first time. I’m getting an invalid file error. I’ve attached the file.

    Also, is it possible to have the plugin auto update when a new version of the .csv is available?

    Thank you,


    • pearl on

      Hi Kent ,

      Thanks for using my plugin. I have tried uploading the file you sent to me in my server and it works fine.

      Can you please check your server permissions ?

      When I upload the latest version of my plugin you will get a notification in your wordpress plugin section. Then you can update that from your end.


  5. Chris H on

    Hi Liz,
    Great plugin!
    And the pagination makes it much more useful, but there are a couple of issues if user does not use one of the selectbox page sizes.
    Happy to contribute to the plugin, and I can offer a fix for the above – drop me an email !

  6. MssBee on

    I was so busy with the css problem, that I didn’t note that the table I had created previously is not showing after the update. File not found is what is showing up on the page. I have tried reloading the file with no success. I have rolled the plugin back to the version 3.0 and the table is displaying fine.

    • pearl on

      I have fixed the css problem and uploaded that update today.

      Re: the file not found error I am not sure about that. please make sure \wp-content\plugins\csv-to-webpage-plugin\upload folder contains the file you are trying to display and clear the cache and check again.

      In the updated version I have added the pagination feature. If you want to use that me updated to the latest version and check again.


      If you any further queries please leave a reply


  7. MssBee on

    csv-to-webpage-plugin/css/pearl_csv_to_webpage_css.css?ver=4.7 line 99
    .wrap {
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 1120px;
    width: 90%;
    is overriding the Genesis .wrap CSS and causing problems with areas where .wrap is not defined by a second CSS class. Is possible to define your css with a plugin specific class as not to conflict with generic site settings?

    • pearl on

      Hi ,

      Thanks for using my plugin.

      Your are right. .wrap seem to be common class .So I have removed .wrap from my plugin. Please download my updated version I have uploaded today.


  8. RB on

    Hello and may I wish you the happiest of New years

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to help me please.

    I am trying to create a page in our website where people can select a Town, then Road and see the list of properties that have sold in the area. I have the plugin installed but when I try and upload I and seeing “no file selected”
    CSV to Webpage

    Then I see
    CSV to Webpage

    Kind regards

    • pearl on

      Hi ,

      Thanks for using my plugin.It seems you have uploaded the file successfully.

      please copy and paste the following shortcode to the page where you want to display the plugin.

      CSV to Webpage Demo

      If you have any further queries please leave a reply.



      • TN on

        Well Done Liz thank you

        I can see if this works I will be donating today.

        Do you have an enhanced version that would allow something a little more elaborate such as allowing the user to enter a postcode TN31 and see all properties in the TN31 area

        Then for us to display the to set the sort order of Road names for example and to format a field as Currency or Date ?

        Kindest regards and best wishes to you and yours for 2017 and beyond

        • pearl on

          Hi ,

          I have customised the plugin and added the search box. Can you please check the link ?

          If you are happy with this I will send the customised plugin as zip file.



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