CSV to Responsive Tables

CSV to Webpage plugin help to upload content from the CSV (Excel File) file to the pages/post or in widgets (sidebar or footer) in few steps. It is easy to use and simple to implement.

It is possible to upload CSV content to webpage in responsive table format. Data from multiple excel files can be loaded to the webpage using the plugin.

Live demo

Main steps are:

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Upload the .csv file from the settings
  • Enter the shortcode where you want to display the file content
  • Can display tables anywhere on the website ( pages, post. sidebar ,footer etc) ( NEW )

Please click here to get detailed instructions.

Additional Features:

  • Can sort the table content based on column header (NEW)
  • Can display data from Multiple Excel files in one page
  • Can add table pagination (NEW)

The backend parameters allow adding style to the tables to match with the theme color codes.

Admin Parameters:

  1. Bg Color : Can set background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  2. Alt Bg Color : Can set alternate background color(in hexcode) to the table rows
  3. Font Color : Can set font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  4. Alt Font Color : Can set alternate font color(in hexcode) to the table data
  5. Border Width : Set the table border width(in px)
  6. Border Color : Set table border color (in hexcode)
  7. Padding : Can add spacing between table data (in px)
  8. Font Size : Can set font size to the table data (in px)
  9. Mousehover color : Can set different color (in hexcode) to table rows on mouse hover
  10. Mousehover Font Color : Can set different font color (in hexcode) to the table data on mouse hover
  11. Width: Can set table width (for responsive tables please set width in %)
  12. Pagination Color – Can set pagination bg color
  13. Pagination Hover Color – Can set pagination background hover color

This plugin is very helpful for those who need to display dynamic data from their excel sheet to their website as a table. CSV to Webpage plugin will come very handy if you manage a sports website in which you need to update scores, points table, events table etc. regularly. Your updated excel file will go live on to your website with just few clicks of the mouse.

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54 comments on “CSV to Responsive Tables

  1. Martin Kadansky on

    Do you still support this plugin?

    I’m preparing to upgrade my WordPress site to 5.2.2 and PHP level to 7.2, so I’m reviewing all of my plugins.

    Does your “CSV to Responsive Tables” plugin work on the latest WordPress version 5.2.2?

    And, does it work under PHP 7.2?



  2. Martin Kadansky on

    Do you still support this plugin?

    If so, while I like the way your tables are formatted for mobile-responsiveness, I cannot see how to have multiple tables with different formatting on the same web site, e.g.:
    – Table1 on Page1 has 3 columns, and should have Column 1 left-justfied and Column 3 with no word-wrap
    – Table2 on Page2 have 5 columns, and should have Column 1 center-justfied and Column 5 with no word-wrap

    I think this could be accomplished if you could simply add a shortcode parameter that would let me add a css classname (for custom classes that I would create) to the generated code for EACH table SEPARATELY, e.g., “cssclass=MartinCSSCLass1” for Table1 above and “cssclass=MartinCSSCLass2” for Table2.



    • pearl on

      Hi Martin,

      If you want to give different colors to different tables, please do some custom CSS styling.

      That feature is not part of the plugin.

  3. Rahul on


    Great plugin. Is there a way to enter data of a specific cell (rather than the entire column) to a page? Thanks in advance

  4. Sunny on

    Hi There,
    Thank you for great plugin, It works fine for me on desktops. But, on mobile view, its merging all together into one and looks very messy. Could you please look into the below link and suggest me what needs to be fixed. please resize the window to mobile size see the table. thanks


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