Edit remote files phpstorm

This tutorial explains how to edit remote files phpstorm. Using phpstorm it is possible to edit the remote files without downloading the files. This will automatically upload the files to the server on save.

Here it shows how to connect to the remote sever using the FTP details.Please follow the tutorial for step by step explanation.

Edit remote files

  1. Open phpstorm
  2. Select File->New project from Existing files.
    edit remote files phpstorm
  3. Select the checkbox as shown in fig and click next.
    Set up remote host
  4. Enter project Name.
    Set up remote files in local server
  5. From the dropdown select ‘On explicit save atcion’.
    Save remote files on save
  6. Select ‘Upload external changes’ and click ‘Next’.
    Upload remote files on save
  7. Add new remote server.
    Set up remote server
  8. Enter the SFTP details.
    Access remote server with credentials
  9. Click ‘Test SFTP connection’.
    Test remote server connection
  10. Click Next and select the remote path and ‘Finish’.
    Access the remote folder

Now you can access the remote files locally.The connection will automatically upload the files on save.

If you have any further queries please leave a reply. Thanks

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