Backend Settings :

  1. Bg color : Set the background color (in hexcode) to the content area.
  2. Padding: Add spacing inside the content area.
  3. Border Width: Set border width (in px) to the content area.
  4. Border Color: Set border color(in hexcode) to the content area.
  5. Font Color : Can set the font color(in hexcode)
  6. Font Size : Can set the font size (in px)
  7. Letter Spacing: Can add space between letters (in px).
  8. Delay : Default delay between the fade in/out slideshow is 3000.Can change the delay using this parameter.
  9. Height: Can set the min height to the content area.
  10. Show Read More: Can set yes or no. If set to yes it will display the read more button.
  11. Read More Color : Can change the read more link color (in hexcode)
  12. Read More (New Window): Can set yes or no. If set to Yes the link will open in new window.