News Typewriter

Do you want to display flash news in your webpage or post ? This plugin help to display flash news in your webpage /post as a loop with typewriter effect.
It is possible to customise the display features to sync with the look and feel of your website.

The customisation features include:

can set width and height of flash news area
can set background color
can set padding
can set font color and font size
can set delay / speed between each flashing news
can add as many news as you want

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4 comments on “News Typewriter

  1. Ida on

    Hi Pearl,

    Your info helped and I’m closer to getting this, but not quite there. I’ve attached a screen shot of what is happening. I can’t find where to correct put in the code you sent. I have attached 4 screenshots with descriptive file names to help explain what is happening in each screen shot.


  2. Ida on

    The wordpress plug in said to email you with any questions, so I hope I am reaching the correct person. Apologies if not.

    I’m trying to update my home page
    1) I want to make the home page eye-catching and where it says “Start connecting with audiences today” instead I’d like it to say

    a. “Start connecting with audiences in the future.”

    b. Then delete “in the future” and replace with “tomorrow.”

    c. Then delete “tomorrow.” and replace with “TODAY!”

    2) An example of this style of typewriter effect is at

    Can you please let me know the steps to do this? When I click on the type writer effect on WordPress and type in “Start connecting with audience in the future” and click submit/ save, it does not update my webpage.

    Thanks! Ida

    • pearl on

      Hi Ida ,

      1) Please check this link which explains how to install the plugin.

      2) In the setting display news section enter :

      in the future – – tomorrow – – today

      3) Then goto the page where you want to display the text please enter :
      Start connecting with audiences {[}pearl_news_flash_display{]}

      Hope this help. Please let me know if you need further advice.




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